Cohesion in Schools

Latest updates

  • THe cpd training materials are now available. All PSHE teachers should receive training by the school’s PSHE lead by the w/C 16th September.

  • Schools should send the information & consent sheet to students’ Parents in all year groups by the w/c 2nd September.

  • Surveys will arrive to schools by the 16th september, to be completed by students in all year groups in the same week.


Preparing young people for a diverse future.

Save your teachers' time with free PSHE resources and CPD.

The Behavioural Insights Team will provide your school with free, evidence-based PSHE lesson plans and CPD to reduce prejudice and increase social cohesion amongst students.

It’s time to expand the definition of ‘us’ and shrink the definition of ‘them’.

What our curriculum covers

We have created an evidence-based curriculum that will be delivered through PSHE class for years 7-11.

We are offering three complete curriculum packages for your school - 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours - depending on your school’s availability.


May 2019

Tens of thousands to benefit from Integrated Communities Innovation Fund

To tackle the root causes of poor integration we need to bring together people from all backgrounds and from all parts of society, from business leaders to grassroots charities.

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About the project

This project aims to increase social cohesion and strengthen integration through a reduction in prejudice and increased student openness.

We are recruiting secondary schools to test an innovative evidence-based curriculum for PSHE classes. The curriculum is being designed in collaboration with leading academics from Stanford, Yale and Oxford Universities, and will equip young people with the cognitive and emotional skills that we believe will enable them to thrive.


Who we are

The project is led by the Behavioural Insights Team, in partnership with the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government. We were set up in 2010 as the world’s first government institution dedicated to the application of behavioural sciences and are now a world-leading organisation specialising in using evidence from behavioural science to support social purpose goals.

You can find out more about us and our work on our website.

BIT’s Impact

BIT has a strong track record in improving educational and social outcomes through evidence-based interventions, for example increasing:

  • Attendance and attainment of students doing GCSE maths resits (by 5% and 27% respectively), by mobilising the social support networks of learners through weekly text messages.

  • Application and acceptance rates to selective universities among students from disadvantaged backgrounds (by 16.2% and 34.1% respectively), using inspirational letters from relatable role models.



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We're a social purpose company. We work in partnership to improve lives and strengthen societies.



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